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Hi all,

I went for the interview on 11th July. I got the EPT notification on the 15th July but they did not schedule me to go for the test. Anyone able to advise or is in the same predicament as me? Still hoping for the best even though i think i screwed up the interview...
Hello. Receiving the EPT availability email does not mean you will definitely sit for the EPT. They are checking on your availability first. If you are not scheduled for the EPT, I think you are exempted from sitting for it because you have satisfied their requirements. However, I don't know what the requirements are now, they just said they would schedule candidates to sit for the EPT at their discretion. Anyway, the first EPT date is on 1 Aug and they said they would inform candidates one week before the test date if they are required to sit for it. For the first EPT date, I think they would inform you by tomorrow if you are required to sit for it. Which dates did you indicate that you are available on?
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