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Hello. Receiving the EPT availability email does not mean you will definitely sit for the EPT. They are checking on your availability first. If you are not scheduled for the EPT, I think you are exempted from sitting for it because you have satisfied their requirements. However, I don't know what the requirements are now, they just said they would schedule candidates to sit for the EPT at their discretion. Anyway, the first EPT date is on 1 Aug and they said they would inform candidates one week before the test date if they are required to sit for it. For the first EPT date, I think they would inform you by tomorrow if you are required to sit for it. Which dates did you indicate that you are available on?
Thank you for replying!

I have indicated on both dates that i am available to sit for the EPT. But hopefully my status on Careers@Gov would change soon. i don't know if i should wait for this though because i might have job offers coming in soon in the next few weeks ..... Any advice guys? It's a risk that i am taking if they might eventually take too long to get back to me as well...
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