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what kind of lenses should i go for

if my degree is 100 for one eye, 125 for the other.
with slight astig.

use my handphone quite often so im thinking the blue ray thing should be quite handy too?

I'm also not sure if i should get the transition kind of lenses to help with the sunlight in the times when im out in the sun.

what do you guys suggest?

are all these anti blue ray + transition a must have in current prescription lenses ?

If so, what brand lenses will you all recommend? and what will be the prices i will be looking at?
I already got my frame. just need the lens.
Hi Sherra,

HEV(blue filter) & transition/photochromic lenses are considered add-ons based on individual requirements. (E.g. HEV filter for long hours in front of electronic devices, Transition/Photochromic lenses for long hours under the sun.)

For HEV filters + photochromic lens, you can consider Kodak Evoblue.
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