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I don’t eat in my car but found a 2cm nymph crawling and waving to me on the right A-pillar one night in the moving vehicle. It was scary. At traffic lights, I tried to catch it with some tissue paper but missed. After 2 tries, it vanished. During a recent clean up, a few tiny 5-8mm nymphs were found dead under the mat near a cockroach bait.

What was the bait? It was:
Combat Paste Bait Insecticide - Roach Killer
• Improved formula by adding roaches' loving attractant
• Fast-kill efficacy with the use of fast kill active ingredient
• Eradicates eggs as well as adult roaches

The bait works. Will also need to use the free fumigation for maintenance.
But this cannot put too long in the car. Not good for health.
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