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Anyway now I finally have some time to pcw for awhile.

Wanna discuss something mentioned earlier today.
There's really no such thing as location advantage.

You announce this area is a high surge zone.
Just need 50 gong kia drivers to flock there.
System detects abundance of drivers, no surge.
Another hotspot area will open up somewhere else.

These 50 drivers will keep trying for the whole week, then curse in their heart where the f is the surge. Waste my petrol drive all the way there.

End up the ping is just like the same as anywhere else.

So how? The new hotspot becomes the new location advantage?

At night so many different hotspots. Bird no lay egg place like one-north and ayer rajah people OT book phv.

So if the driver stays at Dover and do gys, he got location advantage too?

You cant compare jurong with pg.
Jurong has way too many schools, offices, industrial areas and a big hospital.
This also means alot of incentive drivers are there.
Wherever incentives drivers are, you cannot expect surge.
They vacuum everything up before the area even has a chance to surge.
Incentive drivers are the ones who keep the fares low.
That's why g tweak the gems now and put no limit on the amount.
This way, incentive drivers will work longer, because there is no real specific target.
This will result in g being able to keep their fares low to compete against gj.

Similarly to gj, their drivers all 100% online whole day.
Also vacuum everything up.
Confirm no surge.
They don't have cp.
And gj pings drivers with jobs up to 6-8km away.
This also means even if there is really no driver in the area, the system detects that there is still alot of drivers available because of the huge radius.
Gj only starts surging significantly after 9pm. Why?
Because by then, alot of their drivers already hit target and close shop.

Hope this helps to have a better understanding.
and dun forget

high surge does not guarantee pings

drivers cant control the logic on how e jobs was being allocated.

when u are in a surge area, u still will see cui fares and usually will come in a streak of 4-5 pings

u reject and affect the incentives also lppl

all in all, just aasng and hit personal target

dun care what ppl sae simi #locationadvantage coz there are unexpected surge in other areas

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