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Thats the only brand with HEV(Blue) Absorb (~94% filter) technology built into the material + changes colour under the sun, while the rest(Essilor, zeiss, hoya) depends on a layer of blue coating on the lens surface to reflect away up to 30% HEV(Blue) light.

In terms of value for money & good protection, Kodak Evoblue would be recommended.

Quick illustration of the difference between Blue reflect & Blue absorb

Light Spectrum (Left side of chart being most harmful to humans):

Blue Reflect lenses block up to 30% across whole blue spectrum (~400-500nm)

Blue Absorb lenses block up to 94% of the high energy waves(up to 420nm), while letting the rest of beneficial blue light in.(~420-500nm)

disclaimer: straight lines are drawn to make it easier for me to draw :X Actual lines are not as straight as what is illustrated
Thanks for for enlightening.
I went to a store, they don't have evoblue but instead evosun.
Is the evoblue technology in it and the range I can get is evosun?
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