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Cb 1 leh really....I diam diam already but this guy still didi niam.

You seem very proud of your findings.
You want a gold sticker anot?
Or I customise a badge for you that says Grab Driver App no1 analyst.
You can pin on your collar at your ft job.

Already tell you cannot compare jurong and pg and already explained why.
You still stubborn wanna take jurong out and compare.
Then why dont you take cck vs pg?
Northwest vs northwest is a fairer comparison right?

At night punggol no surge at all.
Give u tornado also no surge.
But night time jurong hot.
Why jurong not location advantage this time?
Just because it doesn't suit your timing so it's a sh1t area?
You wanna talk about high chance?
I stay bukit merah, so I also die la, high chance keep picking from Alexandra and river valley to go cbd for $7 $8?
So if I aasng it means only 1 hour $15 for me is it?

How well do you understand surge?
One area surging means another hot area confirm also surging?
Cannot be another area surge start 5mins later?
Inside 1 hour it will surge how long?
5mins? 10mins?
How often inside this 1 hour that it will surge?
How sure are you when there's surge, people continue to book g and not gj?
If they really continue to book g, why will the surge still crash?
Indiotic selective screenshots.
If it surges for 10mins and you can take a ss.
Why never take a ss when there's no surge for the rest of the 50mins?

This area now got surge.
You sure you online now means you confirm get it?
There's still those jobs floating around that were booked maybe just a minute or 2 before the surge started.
There's still jobs that driver accepted but is going to cancel.
High surge also means people will start booking gs, which equates to a normal ping with no surge.

Wanna follow colour?

8am CBD dark red.
Pls enter cbd and turn on your AA.
Don't drive out of the cbd to look for jobs.
Let's see how long you wait for a job.
And I expect to see surge also, since it's dark red and the colour is suppose to tell me everything right?

Your green circle red means got surge?
Go over to tanjong rhu/marine parade/siglap/bedok after 10 and show me your surge.
It's the same as anywhere else, wanna find ping also hard.

Then why the heat map still shows red? U go ask g la! Whether there is really demand anot? Or are they just doing it to try and redistribute drivers equally around the island.

Fugging retard.
Driving exp my ass.
What can you learn from aasng?
How well do you understand the behaviour of the system?
You travel all around sg and only take the first job.
You just eat whatever system gives you.
Aka grabslave.

Aasng incentive driver 150 jobs a week.
Add another 10% for ar and 10% for cr.
You see a maximum of 180 jobs a week.
Even if you are a DT and you complete 200 jobs a week.
You see a maximum of 250 jobs a week.

Cp works in a controlled environment.
Going to the same playgrounds.
FT cp 130 jobs a week.
We assume it's 30% ar and 10% cr.
40% for 130 jobs
Means we see up to 325 jobs a week.

So now tell me, who has more exp to give an opinion here?

You can say it yourself, you do minimum guaranteed amount incentive.
Some weeks g top up for you 100+.
Some weeks no top up.
Those weeks you have no top up.
But a driver who stays in pg has top up.
Like that how?
Suddenly start jurong got location advantage?

Since you feel you damn suay and jurong is a sh1t place to start.
Why don't drive a little but further and start from batok or cck?
If pg can ding dong around sk and hg.
Bb also can ding dong around hotspots like bukit timah and cck right?

If you feel the fare is better at northeast.
Are you aware that CTE is jammed all day everyday?
And KPE is well known for having accidents every week just before the tunnel, and it will choke the area for at least 1 hour are you aware?
So what if I really damn lucky and get a better fare?
But I spend so much more time on the trip.

Since you are so adamant that an AA driver that starts from jurong will ALWAYS earn 20% lesser than someone who starts at pg at the same time.
Show me proof with substance.
Show me their whole week earnings and their start and end time must be similar.
Don't farking justify your reasoning with selective screenshots.
did i show u proof?

i show last week the behavior of people staying in the west and their travel patterns? people stay in west will still work in west if not CBD. most pings u get will go to these areas mostly. only rare 10% starting of the day in the week will tio go opposite direction.

and u want income proof? why dun u ask those who flare on my theory to SS their income earning in the morning? i will gladly show u mine in next post.
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