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The problem here is...

They dun agree they start to mock.

U know who the people is.

I dun agree with some ppl post but did i mock anyone? No i didnt. Maybe except LNMB.

Is like mocking u u sure u got big cork? Npnt

Then all gang up and follow gang leader start bashing.

I am merely sharing. Like i mention dun agree just dun agree dun have to mock at me. The more u mock the more i will justify. Else i just diam diam also.

Dun step my tail i wun step as well. Mutual respect.
This is not facebook lei

Why any lam pa sai also want fight

Why everyone just can't relax relax talk cork sing song ok liao

Must fight fight fight

Knn if ppl agree with you. Good

If dont agree. Then forget it. You ownself know is like that can liao lo.

Like i say i got big cork

You all dont agree. But i dont care... I know i got big cork... And that what matter most....

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