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The problem here is...

They dun agree they start to mock.

U know who the people is.

I dun agree with some ppl post but did i mock anyone? No i didnt. Maybe except LNMB.

Is like mocking u u sure u got big cork? Npnt

Then all gang up and follow gang leader start bashing.

I am merely sharing. Like i mention dun agree just dun agree dun have to mock at me. The more u mock the more i will justify. Else i just diam diam also.

Dun step my tail i wun step as well. Mutual respect.

i alr disagreed wib chiur drive moar spend moar theory once. thing is, it seems that im not the only who disagrees wib chiu. so r chiu saying u vs 100 ppl the 100 ppl who disagreed wib chiu all wrong??
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