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I nvr disagree with those who think i am wrong. I am just going into details my drive more spend more theory.

I dun want to start this discussion but its more of ROI (i think cherry agree with me on this).

Problem now:
- Fares low

How to tackle:
- put in more time to drive
- more time to drive means u use more petrol then before

The above 2 points doesnt that means u spend more time and spend more petrol.

But how much returns do u get back to warrant such extra spends ?

Like cherry say if fare not good enough close shop la kopi better. Wait till good then continue.

Spend more doesn’t mean just $$$ (which some here like to mock petrol how much only) but time as well cos time is also $$$. If u spent so much time just to earn a little more (not many more) is it worth it?

nv mock. its juz that u seem to think every of chiur theory is right and whoever disagrees wib chiu ish wrong.

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