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Mr Think was questioning the buyers’ timing of entry... why did people rush in to buy projects like TV, Garden & Woodleigh residence which eventually offered considerable discounts from launch price?

It is simply the herd mentality and fear of missing the boat. And also add in the foreigners who do not have perfect information.
The timing that is right for you may not be right for me. Same applies to others.
For those who constantly try to talk down property, no timing is ever right for them. So I would suggest they stay put of what they have currently. (To be honest, I’m currently staying put of what I have right now).

Hmm, I thought u said u are busy and not going to be here often? Sigh, you make everyone here happy for a moment. Lol
So now should I treat u like an old season property expert or just a 1998 newbie? I’m still kinda confused.

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