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The timing that is right for you may not be right for me. Same applies to others.
For those who constantly try to talk down property, no timing is ever right for them. So I would suggest they stay put of what they have currently.

Hmm, I thought u said u are busy and not going to be here often? Sigh, you make everyone here happy for a moment. Lol
So now should I treat u like an old season property expert or just a 1998 newbie? Iím totally confused.
School starts in 2 weeks and I did not say I will totally abstain from commenting in the forum. Many are sad to see me go unfortunately, with my increased number of PMs the past day.

I see, so buying at 10% less half a year later is not clear enough to be a better time of entry? This is new launch, however early u buy, TOP remains the same.

Not sure why u are remaining so childish by nsisting others are talking down the market.
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