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You are at the mercy of the OEM vendor now. You have to wait for FW upgrades which may or may not happen.

If you look at the Tanix official store at Gearbest, there are only Tanix TX6 and TX6 Mini for the official version with Tanix Logo.

There are no such version as Tanix TX6-A and TX6-P in the official store. If you look at the AndroidPCTV review article you can see that the TX6-A reviewed there is without Tanix Logo.

FYI Tanix has released multiple versions of FW upgrades for Tanix TX6, and the FW upgrades include fixes for crack sounds. The FW upgrades work on my OEM Version of TX6. But the FW upgrades did not fix the thermal issues so I have to use a fan with the box. The thermal issue is also present for the official version of Tanix TX6 based on reports from various websites.

Another thing, my OEM Version of TX5 Max receives no FW updates at all but luckily it works without any issues.
thank you @xiaofan.

I didnt notice a thermal problem just the sound issue. Do you think I should proceed with the fw update as you did? @gregory_choo mentioned that it may brick the box (or even have an impact on peripherals) but it is barely usable as is.

If you recommend to update, which fw should I use?

All the best.
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