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U got a new launch or resale PC? I m exploring alternatives after decided against gg for balloting this morning. Haha

wow..thats almost 1.2k if add in levy and DPS. Might as well get a PC elsewhere with some top-up. The quantum and loan package totally different, if get resale PC even more straight forward that you can live comfortably and happily. The difference is that the funds in hand will be better managed, you will have more cpf funds left behind for rainy days/ investments. Now I hv my cpf funds covered for at least 12yrs repayment if I decide to sack my boss. At least enough to bang table with him.

I should thank my agent friend that pulled me off from 100palms, I nvr knew buying PC can be better in fund manage after he explained. After moved in for over a year, my x-value is 200k gained. Not much diff if compare to 100palms paper value, but I already enjoy staying in.
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