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That time, 2 years ago, this forum ppl keep saying 100 palms was way overpriced at $850($100 above all other ECs), facing hospital, jam at yck road, far from mrt (the new mrt line not announced yet), nearby relslae pc selling low price, how can ppl below 14k income can afford 1mil+ EC, 9 out of 10 saying not going for ballot (then sold out in one day?!???) etc etc etc...

2 years later, wth 100 palms suddenly under priced? Will this happen again in 2, 3 years?

still remembered ppl say all those yishun EC at $750 overpriced, before 100 palms sold out...

And many said rivercove sold at $950 is crazy...

So what’s now?
You know, the same actually happened to comments on stock pricing in the lead up to 2007. Many investors tend to forget cycles are multi years long.

Fear of missing the boat got more and more investors on board. And the common statement will also be "this time it is different."

Of course, it can also be said that the market can irrational longer than we can remain solvent.

It might really be different for the property market, I won't know. I only know the stock market and dont know the property market
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