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Uncle Ni, I just did some research, it may be a mistake of mine and I have to admit it.

However, iNZ average was $800 and not exactly 100 below 850.

All along I thought all those EC were avg $800psf but I am surprised to see Treasure Crest transacting at mostly below $800psf (until developer's crazy land bids that caused a huge spike in bounced back units).

Clearly, I am not following the EC market. Thanks for the info, I have learnt quite a bit about EC today. Nonetheless. this only goes to show the massive amount of cheap ECs entering the resale market in 4-5 years time.
As said, no one is perfect and we are all here to learn. I’m cool with pple making honest mistakes but not cool with pple accusing others of spreading fake news w/o facts.
You know my style, I can be gracious with my comments if one practice good mannerism here.

Likewise, if u bother to dig my previous post, you should have noticed there are quite a number of negative points I brought up about sumang after visiting the SF.
I’m not those who will always blindly support and talk up every projects.


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