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Its about 372 units sold by the time i left the showflat ard 8pm.. super tired ady.. congrats to all those who managed to get a unit here.. all i can say is, even with this current pricing,there will still be room for profit in future with the transformation tht Punggol has in the pipeline....( jus my humble opinion, no right , no wrong).. this will set the benchmark for the upcoming ECs in future.. one thing for sure, this project will be fully sold, just the matter of how long ? Rivercove took about 3 months to fully sell, prob this one will take ard 5-6 mths?its anyones’s guess.. btw, still got last 6 slots for 2nd timers quota!
I would think 45% sold on first day for Piermont grand is rather impressive given its price point and with so many mass market condo competing against sumang. Not forgetting these mass market condos have price gaps that’s quite close to this EC.

From business and profit point of view, There is no need for CDL to achieve 100% sales in one day and follow hundred palms’ mistake by selling at 8xxpsf. CDL has the advantage because it has hundred palms and river cove to be used as previous case studies to gauge EC buying sentiments.

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