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Heard that the sale of Piermont Grand also had a spillover effect to the sales of Florence and RF, where a number of units were sold yesterday. In time to come, I believe this EC sales (which was considerably good in today’s buyers market) would also have an effect on future EC prices next year.
Yes, you are rather spot on to notice that.
That’s what I call the pre/post sumang effect (in my earlier post) that this sumang EC has on other mass market condo like RF, FR, treasure etc.

Yesterday when I’m at Parc esta, I do notice though this project was launched quite some times ago, there’s still quite a number of visitors appearing at PE showflat.

And do you know something interesting, it also gives the public a sense of “accepting the reality” and “getting used to it” kinda perception.
If EC can launch at 1100psf, why can’t other mass market condo at 13xxpsf? Psychological effect at work?

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