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Just have to remember after MOP it is not just you who are going to sell the house. many other units in ur EC will be selling too plus u have to fight against other existing EC and condo in the market.

Unless ur unit has the so call perceived Ďsuperiorí location and some other gd unique stuffs by the buyers if not u are going to likely to see a price war.

If you are desperate to sell at that time, itís going to be ugly as buyers are going to low ball you. There are so many existing ec available in market which other seller bought at lower price than urs and they can afford to lower their selling to the buyers but can you?

And if you can hold, you cAn tahan the interest payment? Take note the interest rate for now is consider low. It is likely to further raise in the future.

So if one wanna just to buy EC hoping to make a quick profit, I suggest better dun if ur financial capability really isnít up the starch. Probably have to hold and tong and wait till to become seller market to have a chance to so call earn some profit.

To me, I just was feel nowadays the EC is becoming like HDB DBSS. If u want to buy to stay or rent out then is fine. You wanna buy to sell for quick a few hundred K profit I think is very very hard.

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