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The problem is we are all slaves to our properties, cars and credit card debts. The only thing is if these assets that we are slaves to can become a servant to us in time to comeó and the most probable prospect is that of a property. So young individuals who are financially savvy are more willing to be slaves to property and shares than any others.

Oh ya, for discussion: a lot of ppl will rather splurge on a house than a car now, given the convenience of our transport node so they save a lot in that aspect.
Cannot generalise like that.

I have no other loans except for housing. And that's because housing loan interest is extremely low interest. Car loan already fully paid.

I'm only slaves to my children.

I'm also not willing to be too much of a slave to property. That's why my max budget is 1.5m property, which will yield me a loan which can be cleared within 5 years to 10 years of TOP.

But being mid 30s, maybe I'm not the young and financially savvy group you are referring to, so probably I won't understand.
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