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This is true, a lot of young people (bro: canít use labelling, not just limited to grads haha) are financially shrewd and make a lot of investments early. A couple who start young can easily save up for the down payment for a 1.5m EC by 35 (since ppl marry later).
Let me provide some numbers. 30% of a cohort will be graduates. The median salary for graduates is $3,500. If an avg uni grad couple saves their entire salary (which is unlikely) then they will be able to save 400k in 5 years.

Unfortunately those impressive graduates who come out with 6-digit savings right after graduation (that made ahboy82 jealous) are probably those with rich parents and limited to less than 5% of uni grads. Those who make early investments are also the minority.

These privileged young graduates are also unlikely to eye ec like sumang. They can easily afford RCR private condo projects which enables them to commute easily to the financial districts.

Looks like a certain ahboy here is trying to talk up the market. Unfortunately it seems his resale unit prices are stagnant.
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