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Looks like I am not the only one with the same thoughts about mergui..

I have tolerated with his crap since last year. Sometimes I could not take it and told him off. Unfortunately certain individuals saw me as a "bully".

For your info, he is someone who bought Propnex IPO and Mergui Road Condo. Both of which are all losing money. Perhaps we should just bear with and pity him. Allow him to loosen up here.
Aiyah, it is an online forum, I don't bother anyway nor do I care what life changing event happened to him to cause him to behave in this manner.

Everyone happy can liao. Play play a bit posting here and there can le.

7 years ago, when I applied for BTO a while after graduation, I have almost nothing to my name. What to do, young and incapable mah.

So while you go your NS hor, don't be like me slack slack. Must read a lot of self help books to learn as much as you can. Singapore library lots of books to read one, learn for free.
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