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Good a not is relative.
It might have reached a price point where most people are not willing or not able to fork out more. I fall into second category, of "not able".

Followed your advice and looked at last few ECs around the area.
Rivercove 2.5X oversubscribed, 80% sold on first day
Hundred Palms 5.4X oversubscribed, 100% sold on first day
Treasure Crest 2.1X oversubscribed, >70% sold on first day

Will be interesting to see how The Ola Ec will perform next at a similar psf price point, especially given it is near hospital and surrounding 3 ECs all ard $800 psf.
Aiyo. All the 3 EC u mentioned are underpriced lah, treasure crest so cheap and 100palm location so good for that pricing. Rivercove sold out so fast means value buy even though it is already more expensive than previous launch. Is a mistake pricing for all 3 ECs. If this Samsung ec launch at average 1000psf, it also will be sold out in the first month.
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