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Aiyo. All the 3 EC u mentioned are underpriced lah, treasure crest so cheap and 100palm location so good for that pricing. Rivercove sold out so fast means value buy even though it is already more expensive than previous launch. Is a mistake pricing for all 3 ECs. If this Samsung ec launch at average 1000psf, it also will be sold out in the first month.
Developer willing to sell at a certain price, buyers willing to buy at the price they set, this should be considered good pricing instead of under priced right? I am sure the developer did their homework, they factor in the margin they want to make and release their calculated launch price.

I am not sure why it becomes the case that now the sales is lower, it becomes good pricing instead. I think if the pricing is really right, the sales will reflect. Lets not forget that they kept emphasizing this project is the only EC project this year, and it was launched after sometime from the previous EC project. There should be a build up of pool of buyers wanting to get an EC. Still, opening day, no over-subscription, not even for 2nd timers.

Just facts and observations here.
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