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Few overestimate but many developers have huge holding power.
Anyway the projects are launched at least 3 years ahead of TOP & few are in a hurry to lelong off even if they have overpriced in some.

A project sold out too soon they launch = zero left.
It is not IPhones which they can churn out more
week /month.

Bidding for new plot is intense & never easy to win.
Whopping 17 bid for this Sumang & you won't know your competitors bid price.
If there is really that few overestimation, the concept of discount will not exist le.

Just like you questioned "What's the point to give the buyers an instant +20%?"
There can be a equivalent question "Why price out potential buyers and hold the units?". I think there will be certain cost involve if the units are not sold, like the inventory cost concept.

I just do not really understand why keep mentioning underpriced? It is not as though the developers are losing money selling their units at the launch price they set. If it is a win-win scenario for everyone, why not?
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