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Just like overestimating the price they can set, is also common. I am sure they go through the relevant discussions with their shareholders before setting the price. Since they are happy with the price they set, the buyers are happy to buy at the price they set, developers laughing their way to the banks, buyer smiling when opening their wallets, everyone happy, what is wrong with this?

I am sure the companies will not mind when news come out that the projects they launch are selling like hot cakes. It is a good thing is it not?
Sell like hot cakes is better. Like any business, cash in pocket is always better than potential cash from assets not sold.

Cannot sell fast = increased marketing costs plus lesser cash in bank for developers. Hold too long also kenna absd.

This time round, it shows that first timers appetite is mainly for 3 bedrooms. The next ec launch is coming soon in jan 2020 and Sumang needs to up its game to attract more first timers to fork out 1.5 mil + stamp duty for remaining quota.

How? Tell everyone again. Only ec launch in 2019 leh! Come buy leh! Come come! Next ec sure more expensive, come buy!

As the next ec developer, how would you then counter that marketing effort?
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