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"Missed the boat" concept is frequently used by agents to instill fear in buyers. I do not support this phrase at all. Buy when you need a home and can afford investment properties.

Prices from 2013 to 2017 were stagnant and there was no oversupply. What were you waiting for? For a crash?

That said, the sudden 20-40% spike in new launch prices is indeed very hard to digest and hard to reason.
Haha let me bring back you back in time, when hundred palms were priced at 850psf, I am quite sure you would be one of those skeptical that the prices were too high (I can readily admit I was one of them), in comparison to your (other) 750psf or cheaper resale EC, but you would not admit.

That said, I learnt my lesson, at any time, there are always value buys in the market relative to others.
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