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Haha let me bring back you back in time, when hundred palms were priced at 850psf, I am quite sure you would be one of those skeptical that the prices were too high (I can readily admit I was one of them), in comparison to your (other) 750psf or cheaper resale EC, but you would not admit.

That said, I learnt my lesson, at any time, there are always value buys in the market relative to others.
I always felt ECs were cheap. But my family is not at all keen at those far-away locations.

.... I have no idea what #@$@#% are you talking seriously. I never knew ECs were that cheap at 750psf. It was uncle Ni who pointed it out. Rather, I was arguing that the ECs before hundred palm was above $800psf. Look at the date I joined the forum, that is when I started to feel something is wrong with the prices.

So you felt 850 was high but 1150 is ok? I see!

Honestly, I am still very doubtful whether you are serious about buying any properties. All talk but no action yet? Waiting for prices to go higher is it? I thought you "learn your lesson" alr?

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