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I am not bullish, I am open to listening to facts and figures.

For someone who has not entered, why would I want to be bullish (I rather be hoping your residence can be sold at a huge discount right) but neither am I here to spread fear.

I am just stating the honest truth that indeed I had missed the market during the good old EC days, you are open to mock at me for not taking action during the 2013-2017 period, but do note in time when you are entering the market I believe prices will be a lot higher than now.
Only Merg91 will mock la. We all objective one.

2013 time, stocks also cheap right? Got take massive action? Yes or no also doesn't matter. Because they are still nuggets of gems here and there.

We always say hindsight is 20/20. Is how we navigate the future that's more important.

For now, I'm really interested to see how Sumang will sell the remaining 1.5mil units to first timers. I don't qualify for it of course.
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