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Today is the last day of my hotlink red before termination and at this point of posting is just the start of the day so I yet to receive any sms.

The attached pic failed to load so I missed seeing that the sms may only appear to only arrive so close to termination.

So I itchy hand tried the *505# and found that it's actually a sos top up of RM3 with service fee of RM0.75.

Now I know it's not like Digi extending validity can use existing credit. Hotlink don't allow. So now my credit from RM2.43 becomes RM5.43. So come 1+50 days later if I still yet to go Msia and thus even though I dun need to top up, I'll be forced to top up again just to reactivate/extend validity to keep the card. Sos top up incur service fee and no guarantee will get RM0 or even RM1 sos top up and then cc top up min RM10. So if the cycle continues where I need to top up to keep the card as I yet to go Msia again and even if I go it's to JB for just 1 day and so since internet pass will only cost e.g. RM3, again I will quickly accumulate unutilized credit. Thus this plan is not so suitable for infrequent traveller.

So now if I decide to let the card terminate 51 days later, in hotlink books I owe them RM3.75 and possibly cannot reg another card or the moment I register a new one, the credit will be clawed back. Geez, I dislike ortang anyone, not even this amount.

I got this card for fear of bad connection with Digi when I visited Cameron and Genting in June and I must say the reception is indeed better than Digi so I shall ortang them until dunno when I go again
Early morning can't digest your long post properly, so pardon me if I miss out anything...

Have you considered buying some RM5 reload vouchers, or maybe get a fellow Hotlink user to share-a-top-up? Also, can this SOS thingy be done via the Hotlink Red app? If so, maybe there'll be more info there to avoid hitting the wrong choice...?
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