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Haha np. I wrote when I was feeling sleepy too thus just wrote what comes to mind instead of being more concise.

Not sure if I'm understanding correctly since I'm a new hotlink user and this is the first time trying to extend validity. It seems with hotlink the only way to reactivate card is via top up even if I still have credit. And it looks like is not given they will offer RM0 or RM1 SOS top up to reactivate the card for 1 day validity so that can get another 50 days grace. In the app min sos top up is also RM3. Normal cc top up min 10. Even if I have voucher, the whole amount would still be used just to extend validity. In short no cheap RM1 using existing credit to extend.
Hotlink isn't exactly "friendly" when it comes to extending validity, just look at how they've removed the Validity365 option years back.

They know that they aren't the cheapest telco, but are also aware that they've one of the most reliable/popular network.

I mostly use reload and share-a-top-up for my Hotlink, as they don't have the RM1/day thingy like Digi and Celcom XPAX.
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