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I see the gimmicks for Pixel 4, don't feel so practical.
Think of going Pixel 3.

But came across custom kernel maker in XDA say:
The 3 and 3 XL just have so many issues that Google hasn't fixed, the most annoying of which is stuttering and lag that just seems to never disappear (I think it's an issue in the scheduler?). There is also some phantom battery drain that occurs even during deep sleep, which is pretty much impossible for people outside Google to debug. Additionally, battery life while the phone is actually in use is quite abysmal, and that's not very easy to improve upon either. Certain hardware-related processes in Android also go wild sometimes (with high CPU usage), like the sensors process, even when I'm not using an app that's using my phone's sensors. Not to mention, the 3 still has screen flashes, which does not instill confidence that Google put much effort into making sure the Pixel 3/XL actually work. There are loads of other issues as well that many other Pixel 3/XL users have complained about.

I don't have the time or energy to chase after the difficult bugs plaguing the 3/XL, especially not while the value of my 3 XL keeps depreciating at an alarming rate. This phone isn't worth $1000, and I'm sick of pretending that it is.

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Feels like I'll be on my Pixel 2 till Pixel 5 lol.
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