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You should do your homework then, every member in our alliance is treated fairly. I already pasted our alliances above, just check it yourself in-game. For an averaged powered alliances, 14 wins will get you 140 gold sculptures... We have lots of f2p players with max commanders.

Our kingdom is definitely not as well known as other famous YouTubers kingdom, but it is not weak either. We donít rely on many whales to get us through lost kingdom, hence we are not even TOP 32/ imperium kingdoms but we still managed to win.

Our kingdom works on camaraderie, we are like the tiny red dot of Rise of kingdoms.
Season 1 KvK can leech and win sculptures, season 2 onwards cannot migrate once KvK starts... Check back again in 50-60 days after season 2 ends. Mai gong bo jio hor... 😂🙏 gd luck everybody.
Very humble place to go to. Indeed..
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