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if i'm not wrong, once you login to change it from ONR to ONT you could never login back again unless you do a hard reset and revert it back to ONR.

i having a ONR too but i don't find any issue connecting it to any third party router. by doing so i would be doing a double NAT network that all which doesn't really bother me. place the ONR near smart TV, TV box or game console I can connect to the internet and for reset of the devices like pc, laptop, smartphone, etc i just access it via the 3rd party router. the only thing knowing the superuser id+password is to login to the router and set the DNS to using public DNS server rather than singtel default.

the superuser id+password is factory default for Huawei equipment and doubt singtel can change it as there isn't any option inside to allow you to change it. the only option that one can change the userid and password is for the user level which singtel provides when they came to install.
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