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CL winner teams still need major reinforcement for sure to keep the players on their toes and provide the competitiveness among squad otherwise all slack off cause won the biggest trophy liao ma
It is pretty hard to slack under Klopp and Pep Pep.
They are the toughest trainer around.
The training and the diet are more tighter than prisoners.
LFC should be able to maintain their standards.
However, there may not be enough depth and quality to pose any threat to MC over the BPL title.
They need that additional edge to win the title.
Dun think they have it yet unless Salah and Mane produce some impressive and amazing scoring form.

The new additions at Emirates are making them a team to watch in one weeks time.
Manure may be the other team if they can secure some ace players in the last mins.
Chelsea will be stuck under Lamps.
Spurs continue to be the bridemaid to the title.
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