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The new additions at Emirates are making them a team to watch in one weeks time.
Manure may be the other team if they can secure some ace players in the last mins.
Chelsea will be stuck under Lamps.
Spurs continue to be the bridemaid to the title.
IMHO even if under Lamps Chelsea does not win stuff his willingness to give youth a chance *might* reap rewards in the longer term? For Arsenal i am baffled why they didn't take a leaf out of Pool's book a few season ago? Wanna spend big, shore up your weakest area *first* Pool spent big $$ on Allison and VVD and in like 12-18 mths landed the UCL yet Arsenal continue to have that joke of a defence tiagong wanna win every game 5-4 lol In fact i wonder what the likes of Willock, Nketia, etc must be thinking now...
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