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Hi all, next KVK starts on 10th August 2019, and I am still looking to recruit for alliance ‘HLU’, Kingdom 1129, currently undergoing a rebuilding plan of ensuring we go in to win the next KVK match.

We fight for King Jgnernaut and K1129, where there is unity and peace in the kingdom, and we have 11 x T5 players in kingdom at the moment. How often do you see a King/whale fighting at the frontline for his Kingdom, and respects everyone regardless of who/where/what you are? If this is a King you wish to work with, hit me up with a message asap as we are finalizing the team within K1129.

Currently 11 Sg players in this kingdom. Cheers!
5 more days to kvk. Find me in game for those who are interested
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