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this kind of thing confirm won't last long. post or don't post also same. some people seem to think that the bank staff so free to browse forum posts to see what people are sharing, or go through call logs to see if people call to ask about whether certain transactions got rebates. they can simply run a report to see what most people are spending on and exclude it. 5 minute job.
Actually they do read forums. It’s not a surprise that many lobangs were nerfed only when it appears here, not when it’s being exploited. I know a few lobangs, that for the longest time, wasn’t nerfed before being exposed here or on online sites.

And it’s not easy for them to check, because some lobangs involved layers of intricacies to exploit. Anyway, there are many ways to find out what’s wrong, but only if they realise something is. Reading forum is actually much faster to find out sometimes.
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