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i wont even consider manure a threat

arsenal has made themselves favourites for the 4th spot (maybe even 3rd).

they still lacking a VVD (a timebomb is there instead) and someone in midfield. im not sure a number 6 or 8. not familiar with their players.

can see them playing a klopp style football this season. 2 flying full backs and pacy forwards.

for spurs, good thing is their defense is in a decline. they have a stronger midfield now tho. their bench is arguably weaker also coming into this season.

man city, not within our reach.

chelsea, if can finish 5th is considered an achievement liao. but if their youngsters' potential currently unknown, they have a more complete squad than arsenal if the youngsters perform.

manu? i think of rashford as number 9 and them having 7 centre backs i wan to laugh liao.
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