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Recommend new bulit for budget PC

Going to bulit a new budget PC (jumping from Intel to AMD) for gaming. Would like to hear from the expert recommendation

will be doing slight OC (to 4.0GHZ) and photo editing n gaming like battlefield or PUBG ,far cry (playing at 1080p low to high) etc

Will be using Ryzen 5 :2600
Motherboard: ? (looking at B450 board : Asrock b450m-pro4, steel legend ,Giga B450 Aorus M , MSI max series not out yet)

Ram: ? Corsair vengeance Lpx 3000 cl15 or 3200 cl16 (not sure which one more compactiable with the cpu and motherbd) 2 x 8GB Dual channel

GPU:GTX 1060 3GB (Old part)
PSU: 600w (old OCZ PSU)
HDD : Scandisk plus SSD (OS)
Don't need RGB lighting

1)Would like to know which brand Mobo Bios is more stable and efficient also.
2)Advisable to get 1st gen mobo Asus x370-A prime flash to 3000 series ready ? (cheaper)
Welcome recommendation and commect. Thanks

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