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As your rep in FB nor HWZ has not followed through my efforts in seeking clarification as to why the story you spun does not match up even within your own staff or makes sense after wasting the time and effort of others who acted upon your words/actions, i shall set aside a grace period of 72 hours from the time of this post before filing a report. For convenience sake this would be set as Thursday, 8th Aug 1500hrs. My 1st and original choice (for the record) to resolve the issue remains as follows

#1 Component #1 : As a result of wasting time/effort of others offer compensation (optional) If you hold the opinion that such an option is unfair do not comply? This is not a demand in any shape or form

#2 Component #2 : Either send by registered post of get a rep over to my place with one nos 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM as was what i believed investing time and effort was for coming over to your service center at AMK. This is non negotiable. If you feel the concession of 8GB of RAM i.e 2 x 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM is overly generous and falls under component #1 i would accept that as well.

If you 100% hold the opinion that your words, behaviour and conduct is above and beyond reproach, feel free to believe that one day i would cross that glass door at AMK to collect that which i was promised. I sincerely wish not to waste public resources but all of us have to toe the same standards and rules regardless of who we are or perceive ourselves to be?

The details of what acceptable resolution of issue is as follows:

a) I would be contacted via SMS or Whatsapp via a rep from your side with a scanned copy or pic of the posting slip. If you choose to send a rep over state a day/time convenient for your side. Once your side expresses an intention to comply with this (i.e component #2), i would interpret this also as an intention to settle the matter between ourselves?

b) Upon receiving a minimum of a single stick of 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM i shall send confirmation to your designated rep either verbally or a picture of it via SMS, whatsapp or if your wish a public posting in this thread or your FB page. This would then officially close the matter.

Thank You.
Go file bro. I have filed a claim to CASE before and I am sure you will lose this case with everything mentioned here

Secondly, you dont own Corbell and this is not YOUR company, therefore you have no rights to command/demand what is to be done to solve your case as all evidences pointing that your RAM is burnt, which means warranty is voided.

To replace or not is purely Corbell's decision, so LLST and go back home bro and emo with your faulty RAM
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