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This video I saw before.
The brand I bought the seller did send me a video clip as well.
Just that the monitor is only showing Switch menu and Switch screen is blank, the wire cannot see fully so I dunno is there any dock used.

I'm wondering is there any issue with my Switch...
I think you still need to connect another USB type C cable to power via wall socket or powerbank. According to the lazada reviews and the YouTube video they all did that. Without a power source I don't think the switch is powerful enough to output.

When you use switch dock to output to monitor or TV the switch dock also needs the charging cable. So logically the same setup should apply even to this portable external monitor that's how I think. Unless the external monitor was built with some special circuitry and an inbuilt battery powerful enough to achieve video output from switch without an additional power source..

Based on the lazada Q&A seller says the external monitor doesn't have inbuilt battery. So means it needs a power source from somewhere. My conjecture is that the switch isn't able to supply enough power to the external monitor. Also from what I know the switch USB type C port isn't two way charging, so it doesn't even supply power out, only takes power in.

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