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Hi gurus,

I have been sick alot recently (cough flu sore throat etc) and recently kenna sinus infection which have not recovered after a week.

I suspected it was because of a weird smell coming out from my aircon but brushed it aside for months.

Due to my infection, I bought a Xiaomi Air Purifer 2S to try out. Initially AQI was quite ok around 20+ when I first used the machine for a while.

When I turned on my aircon, the weird smell came again and the AQI shot up to 320+ (even 350+ at one point).

I carried the purifer to test out all my other rooms (reading 20+) to confirm the sensor should be working properly.

My question is, is the particle sensor accurate (to show the 300+ readings)?

Next, what could have caused such hazardous air quality?

Dunno if picture is linked correctly:
How long never chemical wash ur aircon liao? Try removing the filter and clean see whether it falls?
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