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Their next top 6 opponent is us, whereas we have to play arsenal, chelsea, manure and spurs before meeting them
We need to be within touching distance of them approaching that match for sure, otherwise title race as good as over. It’s hard imagining anyone else taking points off them.

Spurs got lucky yesterday to be honest. KD. Is slowly coming back to his devastating best and when he’s on song it is truest frightening for the rest of the league. The way he back peddled to create space for himself to receive and deliver that cross (what a cross too) for the first goal, great sense of awareness. Citeh offense will be stronger than last season.

That said, their defence offers hope for the chasing pack. They conceded 2 rather silly goals, good finishes by Lamela and Lucas Moura but they shouldn’t even get those chances, poor marking and defender positioning. They do look lightweight in defence n teams can exploit them in set pieces.

Just hope the teams show up like they show up against us. Just hate it when they roll over for citeh to ass**** without even a struggle
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