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Question Want to study overseas

Hi there! I'm a JC1 student currently studying in VJC (Victoria Junior College). I'm strongly looking to study at a university overseas after JC2, preferably in the US or the UK, if not Canada or Australia. I'm very aware of the fact that studying in any of these Anglophone countries as an international student will cost loads of money. My parents are willing to fund a maximum of SGD100k per year inclusive of ALL COSTS (tuition, transport, accommodation, food, etc.) involved.

I'm not too sure if this sum is sufficient, but I assume it is. I don't mind studying for and sitting for the SAT if needed. However, my extracurriculars wouldn't really be considered very strong. I've only been in a society CCA for 4 years in primary school, 4 years in performing arts CCA in secondary school and looking to join Students' Council in JC but currently only in a society/club CCA. No leadership positions ever. Not sure where I should aim to study. Important note: I certainly wish to migrate elsewhere after university, so I would like to study overseas. Studying locally is my last option. Please give some advice regarding my situation!!! Thank you!
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