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Big city racist, small city also racist isnít it?
These days go where also has this racist issue.

As for Muslim friend not getting a job, he or she is sure itís a race thing or multiple reason? Many sides to a story man.

Another Canadian thread claim no Canada degree no job... but there are others who got job.

With TS: we donít know what is he or she asking for. All we know parents willing to spend $100k a year. There are 4 yr Oz degree not all Oz degree 3 yr.

TS is seem lost and want out of SG. Until we know more or TS understand his or her situation no way to help. We donít read mind
Thanks man you seem to be the only person who isnít judgmental and attacking me on this thread I posted. Yeah I am sort of lost and I have no real idea about what I want to study, but in terms of country, Iím not lost, any Anglophone or even English-prevalent country will do. Also note: I have cousins in UK and US, does that help immigration in any way?
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