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Thanks man you seem to be the only person who isnít judgmental and attacking me on this thread I posted. Yeah I am sort of lost and I have no real idea about what I want to study, but in terms of country, Iím not lost, any Anglophone or even English-prevalent country will do. Also note: I have cousins in UK and US, does that help immigration in any way?
No cousin doesnít help at all. Please read the rules.
ask your cousin about BREXIT mean to immigration. Do your research on it. EU. Ppl not welcome u from Singapore hmm...

This states they want the smarts ppl. If u in this camp should be in top JC

If u want to go ang mo land... u are lost finding a way. Your family rich just go investment route. Otherwise read what u have to study and find a industry who needs these talent to stay. These days only if u meets industry needs then u get to migrate. In USA lots of ppl migrate with masters or higher degree. If not find a local get marry is super fast then study anything also can

Regardless no one knows what u asking...
Please write qns point form, if u donít know how to ask. How u expect ppl to answer?

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