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If there's a funny smell only first 1 minute of opening and disappear? Plus my air purifier shows green pm2.5 hovering 20 and below would it still be mould??
That probably means a very light mould problem in the AC FCU.

For most of the guys in the DIY Aircon cleaning thread, the standard for most of them there is NO SMELL at all.

Very very very low levels of mould spores/particles get blown out of the FCU, i am sure your air purifier or any TB/China based laser particle meters cannot detect that low threshold change when you switch on the Aircon

Or in other words if those laser particle meters can detect, then you would have a much bigger problem of sneezing/coughing/etc due to allergic reactions liao.

ie. Relative to haze PM2.5 levels, this mould triggering allergic reactions threshold is much much lower, many tens to hundreds thousands of times lower.

You might detect a change on the meters that are meant for scientific lab use and costing a few tens of thousands bucks though.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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