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I think ppl forget the fundamental of being associated with apple.

1. During the launch of their products, a lot of ppl say can't do this, can't do that and overpriced. Yet products like iPhone, ipad, apple watch, air pods (no sound isolation blah blah) fly off the shelf.

2. The launch of their card will be similar. I think apple will make this card a prestige item. Banks uses pay and AUM as a gauge for prestige (offering you cards with annual feels where ppl choose to pay because they are "prestigious"). I know cimb offer a lot of annual fees cards but not a game changer. Well, I agree because cimb is not a prestigious bank (Malaysian bank). Furthermore, perks very average.

I thikk apple way of measuring prestige is via their customer base (based on their spending). I believe tied up and perks will come out later (which company don't want to work with Apple). All these takes time to shape but no annual fees and no late charges is a good start.
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