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Your AC66U could be original HW version A1 (CPU at single core 600Mhz), while AC66U B1 is a lot faster (1Ghz dual core). Just look at the voltage, A1 is 1.58A, while B1 is 1.75A.

I just tested out Dlink 868L as repeater for my PC (on LAN), was able to hit 450Mbps. If I used back my 850L as repeater, it will only be 300Mbps+. 850L is 660Mhz Realtek, while 868L is broadcom 800Mhz dual core. so, a speed bump of 140Mhz can get it faster by 100Mbps+. Also, 868L linkspeed is quite stable at 867Mbps, while 850L linkspeed can fluctuate between 580Mbps to 867Mbps.

So, if you get AC66U, make sure its B1, or you can also consider the RT-1200G+, cpu is at 900Mhz, brand new some more at around $30.

channel bandwidth I left it at auto 20/40/80.
I will check it later when I get back home. For the RT-1200G+, I thought it will be slower since AC66U is AC1750, even though all those number is just a theoretical number. I am about to re-sign a new contact so getting the RT-1200G+ should not be a problem.

If that the case, will you suggest to swap it around? RT-1200G+ as main router then the AC66U as AP?
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